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Industrial Door Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Expertly installed automatic doors by Texas Acccess ControlsAt Texas Access Control we install the industry-leading Horton Automatics automatic commercial and industrial door systems. Our expertise goes beyond simple industrial door installation. The vast knowledge at Texas Access Controls allows us to repair or replace almost any industrial door confidently.

We are proud of the level of service we provide and ensure our clients that we follow all local, state, and national safety and building code regulations.

Texas Access Controls can address any industrial door problem you might have. We can offer a solution for repair or replacement, when necessary. Our technicians are qualified to get the job done right.

Industrial Sliding Door Systems

Texas Access Controls installs Horton Automatics industrial sliding door systems. These systems feature up to 500 lbs. of capacity and up to 12 feet stroke. 

We install industrial doors in virtually any setting and feature packages, including doors, operators, activators, and tracks. 

Texas Access Controls industrial installation packages include:

  • Horton HD-Slide operators
  • Horton HD-Slide Industrial with Flush Steel Door Panels
  • RapidSlideThermacore Panel

You can find Horton’s  industrial sliding doors in labs, hospitals, warehouses, food processing plants, and many more industrial settings.

Platform Screen Doors

Platform screenn doors installed by Texas Access ControlsPlatform screen doors are useful in transit applications. Texas Access Controls integrates industrial platform screen doors in public or private transit systems.

Horton Automatics has over 35 years of experience developing doors and systems that expedite and make movement more efficient. We can get people from here to there quickly and safely.

We can design and implement the installation of industrial platform screen doors in a variety of applications, including:

  • Airport
  • Mass transit facilities
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Theme Parks

Exit Lane Breach Control

Texas Access Controls specializes in the installation of Horton Automatics exit lane breach control doors. These doors offer unmatched safety and efficiency with features including:

  • Bullet-resistant glass and other glass types
  • A customizable design that combines needs and aesthetics
  • One-way options
  • High-traffic efficiency systems
  • Remote monitoring options

Service Windows

Drive-thru windows installed by Texas Access ControlsService windows can impact efficiency and the impression of your business. Texas Access Controls installs industrial and commercial service windows that are fully customizable and feature the quality you expect from Horton Automatics industrial doors.

Any business featuring a drive-thru knows the importance of service window design. We offer the ability to choose drawers, window types, countertops, materials, and finishes in addition to logistical options like:

  • Patented operator and activator technologies like HipScan and WinScan
  • Window locks and automatic close systems
  • Installation that is quick and low maintenance

Your Checklist for Preventative Maintenance On Your Automatic Doors

Take these simple measures to ensure that your commercial and industrial doors run smoothly year round and function consistently.

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Commercial Door Products

We have the greatest product depth and breadth in the industry, with more types of openings than any competitor including innovative technical solutions for niche industries.

Our Commercial Door Services

Texas access control 24 hour service

24-Hour Emergency Service

We have technicians on call 24/7 and will service your commercial door even after hours.

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Texas Access Controls repair services

Automatic Door Repair

We service and repair most makes and models of automatic doors and drive thru windows.

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Texas Access Controls window repair

Preventative Maintenance

Save 25% of the lifetime cost of your automatic doors with Preventative Maintenance.

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Texas access controls preventative maintenance

Commercial Door Installation

Commercial and pedestrian doors for new construction and retrofits, with Horton Automatics products.

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In the meantime, download our whitepaper with tips for maintenance of your commercial door, or meet some of the clients we have helped to keep the doors in their building running smoothly so that people can easily and safely move in and out. You can stop being frustrated with the delays and high cost of door repairs and instead have complete peace of mind from predictable cost and smooth operation based on quality service performed quickly.

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With 60 years of experience and the most skilled technicians in the industry, we have helped countless clients keep their commercial doors in shape.
Here are some client testimonials:

"The Service Technician was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He is a great representative of the business. "
Diagnostic Imaging facility employee, Austin, TX
"They’re a great vendor. They live up to their name. When they say that they’re going to do something, they do it and they’re meticulous."
Texas Access Controls service customer
"The technician had magic hands. Our doors were not working for quite some time, but he came in and got them working without a hassle."
Associate at the Hampton Inn, San Antonio, TX