The Versatility of Commercial Folding Door Systems

Commercial folding door systems offer flexibility for door openings of any size. Texas Access Controls offers professional installation, maintenance, service and repair.

The Versatility of Commercial Folding Doors 

Commercial folding door systems can often be a better choice over sliding glass doors. They can open much wider than sliding doors, providing more access to the desired space. They are available in automatic, motorized models, making them just as convenient as sliding doors.

Folding door systems have been used in a variety of businesses, ranging from warehouses and hospitals to retail spaces and restaurants. They can be used to transition indoor and outdoor spaces into one or to control the flow of traffic through a corridor.

The versatility of a folding door system makes it the clear choice over any other automatic door system available.

Folding Door Systems

Folding door systems can open much wider than traditional sliding doors, giving more access to the space. They can be used to make spaces larger or to break large spaces into smaller ones.

We provide Horton’s high-quality folding door systems that offer automatic opening and closing functions, just like sliding glass doors. However, they provide the flexibility of opening all the way against the walls in order to increase the space when necessary. They are also energy efficient and easy to operate.

There is no need for major renovations to install a folding door system. We can install the door panels directly into the existing structures, which makes the job simple and efficient.

An automatic folding door system is sold as a complete package, with all necessary components. This includes the operator, header, door panels, guide rails, pivot hardware, locks, and activation/safety system. They are available in both single-fold and bi-fold designs. Single-fold designs are ideal for one-way traffic while bi-fold systems are better suited for two-way traffic.

Bifold Doors for Large Openings

Folding door systems provide lots of flexibility when dividing larger spaces. They provide an easy and attractive transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, or multi-use spaces.

Bifold doors are an excellent addition to many restaurants and hospitality spaces because of their flexibility. These businesses can easily transition guests between indoor and outdoor spaces, making events more memorable. In destination resorts and venues, they can provide unobstructed views for guests to enjoy, which increases the chance of repeat business.

In warehouse and office settings, they provide just as much flexibility, but for different reasons. Warehouses often need expanded space for large deliveries, which can be facilitated through the use of a bifold door system. For office spaces, bifold doors are more traditionally used for conference rooms that can be divided into smaller rooms or opened up to create one large meeting space.

Regardless of the industry, a bifold door system can create new spaces and allow for greater use of existing real estate.

Folding Doors for Small Entrances and Narrow Door Openings

One of the biggest benefits of an interior folding door system is saving space in small corridors. They are ideal when traffic needs to move in both directions and the hallway is only 6-8 feet wide. When fully open, these wall systems provide movement through about 85% of the full width of the corridor.

When fully installed, these systems provide a glass-panel wall across a hallway with one or two swinging doors that open and close when needed. The major benefit is that when you need to move equipment, furniture or lots of people, the doors fold completely open to allow maximum ability to move through the space.

The key difference between automatic bifold doors and automatic sliding doors is the ability to save space. Sliding glass doors require several feet of space on each side of the opening in order to slide open. With bifold doors, you only need several inches.

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