Handicap Door Opener for Better Accessibility

Install Handicap Door Buttons to improve accessibility in your building.

ADA Door Openers Make Entrances Handicap Accessible

Woman in wheelchair using handicap door opener from Texas Access ControlTexas Access Controls (TAC) uses handicap commercial door openers in places where accessibility and convenience are key.  Automatic door openers allow people with physical impairments the same access everyone would expect.

TAC  offers reliable, durable automatic openers that are the highest standard for handicap door openers. The products are well-regarded and can be found at entryways and doorways in commercial and industrial buildings across Canada and the United States.

Door openers offer the ability to make the entry to your building ADA compliant with a quick and easy installation.

Handicap Door Buttons

Texas Access Controls can offer a variety of push buttons and push plates that fit the needs of function and aesthetics.

We can integrate wired or wireless wall mounts or surface mounted solutions with a handicap door opener to offer a wide array of door buttons.

Retrofit Your Manual Opening with A Handicap Automatic Door Closer

Texas Access Controls can use swing door operators to interface and convert manual doors into fully automated doorways. This provides the ability to offer accessibility while avoiding a total doorway renovation.

Automatic door openers not only provide for improved accessibility but also help keep the people in your building safe by preventing germs from settling on surfaces such as door handles. Identifying germ hotspots and cleaning them thoroughly is a great way to prevent the spreading of germs. However, this takes a lot of time and effort. A great alternative is to replace mechanical door handles with automatic switches.


Installation Options for Handicap Door Openers

Automatic handicap door openers can be installed with many doorway applications, including:

  • Single or paired doors
  • Doorways featuring double egress
  • Doors that swing in or out
  • Left or right-hand operating doors

Packages are offered with door and frame included. 

Operator Features of Horton Handicap Door Openers

Horton automatic door openers include the 4000 and 7000 series. Both series feature:

  • Adjustable open and close speed
  • Adjustable closing time delay (up to 30-second delay)
  • Push-N-Go activation
  • Safety reverse with SoftTouch
  • Obstruction sensing technology

The Horton 4000 series is useful in heavy traffic areas. It offers both low energy (power-assisted door opening) and full power installations. The Horton 4000 is an adaptable tool for Texas Access Controls to use.

The Horton 7000 series is designed for spaces where there is less traffic, like a restroom or smaller office. Texas Access Controls is the expert at determining the best handicap door opener for your setting.

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